Myron Mills

I will truly miss my dear friend, Tony…The Library SS class will not be the same without him! Tony always thought of others. I remember when I was his roommate in the hotels traveling to and from Cuba on the first Cuba trip, I discovered on the trip home that Tony had become severely dehydrated from not eating/drinking due to an illness acquired while traveling. The day before, we had gone through a large town that had a hospital, and when I asked Tony why he didn’t say something when we could have taken him to the hospital for much needed care, he mumbled something about not wanting to hold everyone up on the trip…that is the way Tony was. (We took him to a local clinic that night where he got several liters of intravenous fluid so he could make the rest of the trip home). One part of our friendship I appreciated was that Tony and I could have a good discussion and challenge each other on a subject we might not agree on and yet walk away best friends. We had a few meetings at Starbucks to solve the church’s and world’s problems. I am looking forward to seeing Tony on the resurrection morning soon!!

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