Greg Clark

I have had the pleasure and privilege to serve with Tony for the last 15 years at the Cd’A Church. His love for our church, our school, and his fierce advocacy for individuals and families were unsurpassed. While we shared a passion for our church, we didn’t always agree upon what was best for this family or how to achieve it. Nevertheless, one of the things I loved about Tony was his ability to completely disagree upon some point during a meeting or vote, and then he and I would nearly always have a personal conversation afterward where we would support each other and honestly acknowledge our differences as well as our shared vision. We always conversed as friends and parted as friends. Tony had a knack for making people feel heard and appreciated. I believe it is because he truly cared for people. When our youngest daughter was hospitalized a few years ago, Tony took the time to visit us and make sure she knew he cared, and he has always expressed an interest and regard for all of our family. We will miss Tony and look forward to the day when we will see him again!

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