Barbara (Bobbie) Lodahl (neè, Bliss)

I was blessed viewing the Memorial Tribute Video honoring Tony Henneberg. I also loved hearing Tony’s voice & laughter in RJ’s captivating interview with his Dad. The voice had all the youth & exuberance I remember from 50+ years ago.
I’ve known Tony and Bonnie since our youthful college years @ WWC (now University). As our pastor at Bellevue, Washington, Tony officiated in the “Holy Annointing & Prayer Of The Sick” ceremony @ Children’s Hospital ICU when our infant son, lay in a coma, totally unresponsive following a freak car accident with traumatic head injury. The doctors were very pessimistic regarding his recovery, or if he lived that his life would have any normalcy . I believe his recovery was a healing miracle! God gave him back to us. Not without scars, and for a few years, with recurring reminders & God’s leading us through prayer & additional surgical interventions & subsequent post-procedure healing!
Tony was again with us at Jon’s bedside @ Loma Linda University Medical Center ICU during one or more of those procedures praying with us as a medical student.
Our son is now 49 years old & still remains our living testament to the power of prayer and divine healing. He gave us 3 of our 7 beautiful grandchildren!
Tony & Bonnie have remain dear and treasured friends in our hearts! 💞 It is difficult realizing he is gone and had to pass through the valley & shadow of death so young. My heart goes out to his family with love & prayers in this huge loss. We share unshakable faith that Jesus is coming soon & Tony will hear the resurrection “trumpet” and awaken to see our Savior’s return to take us home to heaven where there will be no more cancer, no more tears & no more separations from those we love!
🎶 “O! What A Day That Will Be!”🎶

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